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How to apply to an MSc program in Bonn

Students who want to attend an MSc program either in Physics or Astronomy at the University of Bonn can apply within the application times (see below for deadlines) via our online application procedure.

The online application portal is now open until July 1 for applications of EU students for our regular MSc (without stipend) and can be reached here.

Please take note of the daily maintenance times given at the top of the page, which are given for the CET timezone. During these times the portal will not be accessible!

Please note that the application period for non-EU candidates has ended, the upcoming deadline of July 1 is for EU students only! Applications from non-EU students will not be considered!

Important: Due to the ongoing global situation, the semester might not start as scheduled and/or courses MIGHT take place online only!

Regularly updated information on this can be found here Bonn University on COVID19


  • For a MSc with a stipend (BCGS Scholarship Program), see here: 1st of December (for the following year WS)
  • Non-EU students (without stipend): 1st of May (for the upcoming WS)
  • EU students (without stipend): 1st of July (for the upcoming WS)

The application period for EU students has now started. Please submit your application for the winter term 2022/2023 via our online application tool. The deadline is July 1, 2022. Please note that this application period is exclusively for EU nationals; we kindly ask non-EU nationals to wait for the next application period. Your referees will be contacted directly by the application system. Please note that the deadline for submission of the reference letters is July 8, 2022. Only complete applications will be considered. Thus, we highly recommend to apply sooner rather than later.

Documents required for the online application:

Candidates should upload the following documents to our online application portal as pdfs:

  • Statement of purpose
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Certificates / academic records and transcripts. Please be aware that in case of acceptance you will need to provide the copies of all degrees/academic records and transcripts, all certified by the respective authorities.
  • Proof of English language proficiency: TOEFL (80 points, internet-based) or equivalent, e.g. IELTS (score 6.5), or an official document stating the language of instruction issued by the university of the candidate
  • Furthermore, we require 2 recommendation letters. Once an application is submitted via our online application tool, corresponding referees will receive automatic e-mails with an upload link through which reference letters can be submitted. Please make sure that your referees provide these documents as pdf files within the deadline.

Admission requirements for the MSc programs in Bonn:

To be admitted to our MSc programs at the University of Bonn, a BSc degree (or equivalent) in Physics (or related fields) is required. In particular, we require applicants to have successfully completed the following coursework:

  • In experimental physics: Courses in atomic, molecular, solid-state, nuclear, and / or particle physics corresponding to at least 15 Credit Points in total, as well as
  • Lab courses corresponding to at least 15 Credit Points in total;
  • In theoretical physics: Courses in quantum mechanics and statistical physics corresponding to at least 15 Credit Points in total.

In case it is not evident from your transcript that you fulfill these criteria (e.g. due to additional coursework), please address this in your application.

FAQs for the online application tool

I am a native speaker. Why do I have to upload a language certificate?
Of course, we do not require a language certificate from native speakers. However, due to technical constraints, the interface insists that you upload a pdf file in the corresponding field, so we'd ask you to simply upload a "dummy" pdf file stating that you are a native speaker.

My BSc program was taught entirely in English. Do I still have to provide a language certificate?
We do not require a language test in this case. Instead, in the upload section for the language certificate, please upload a document issued by your department / university stating that your BSc program's language of instruction was English.

I am in the process of finishing by BSc, so I do not have my final degree yet. Will this be a problem?
Of course, you will need to finish your BSc degree before joining the BCGS. However, you can finish your online application without uploading your final degree and submit the final certificate later.

How can I make sure that my referees received the mail about uploading their letters of recommendation?
Once you submit your application, your referees will receive e-mails with instructions on how to upload the letter. You will receive a copy of these mails (without the upload links, of course). In case your referees inform you that they did not receive the mail, please make sure that they also checked their spam folders.

How will I know whether my referees uploaded their letters of recommendation?
As soon as one of your referees uploads their letter, you will automatically be notified via e-mail.

I made a spelling mistake in the online form, can I still change it?
Yes, if you haven't submitted your application yet, you can log-in at any time and change the information you entered or replace documents. Once you submitted your application, this is not possible anymore, so please make sure all the information you entered is correct beforehand.

Can I send you additional documents via e-mail?
Due to the large number of applicants, we kindly ask you to upload all relevant documents in the online application portal instead of sending them via e-mail.

Do you require a GRE score? Can I send you my GRE test results?
We do not ask applicants to submit a GRE score, and as stated above, we kindly ask you not to send us additional documents via e-mail or postal service due to the large number of applicants. Of course, feel free to mention your GRE score (or any other information you deem relevant) in your application.

Do I need to mail my application also via postal service?
No, please submit your application only through the application portal, and do not send us any documents by postal service at this point. Should you be accepted into the program, we will require original documents / certified copies, but in that case, we will contact you again and ask for them. We kindly ask you to not send anything via postal service until then.

In the field "Beginning of the program", there is an option "SS 2022". Does this mean I can also apply for the summer term?
No, this is a known bug in the system. Enrollment is possible only the winter term (WS 2022/23).

After creating the account / submitting the application, I received an empty e-mail from support.movein(at)unisolution.eu. Should I worry about this?
No, this is a known bug in the system -- please simply ignore this mail, we apologize for the inconvenience.

I am from China and have to provide my APS certificate. I will not have my APS interview before the application deadline. What shall I do?
Applicants from China are kindly requested to upload their APS certificate due to administrative issues. In case the respective document is not available yet, please upload the time schedule for your APS application instead. Please note that you have to hand in your APS certificate as soon as available to be able to join our program.