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Quantum Optics and Photonics –abstracts
Project Title Research Group

Setup of a diode laser system

In this project the student will set up a grating stabilized single mode diode laser system and test its performance using saturation spectroscopy.

Meschede / Weitz

Setup of a Fabry Perot interferometer

In this project the student will set up a scanning Fabry-Perot Interferometer including the necessary electronics (sawtooth generator, photodiode amplifier etc.) and characterize its performance.

Meschede / Weitz

Comparison of spectroscopy methods

In this projects several students will compare and characterize various methods of Doppler-free spectroscopy (e.g. Sagnac interferometry, tilted beam saturation spectroscopy). In particular the influence of typical technical noise on the performance of the setup will be investigated and compared to the standard polarization spectroscopy used in our group. The students will have to become acquainted to the theory of sub-doppler spectroscopy methods, and build the specific optical and electronic setup.

Meschede / Weitz

Characterization of a high quality optical resonator

This project aims on the characterization of an existing high quality optical resonator for applications in current atom optics experiments. After getting used to the theory of resonator physics, the basic quantities characterizing a resonator are supposed to be measured.


Construction of a vibration isolation mount for an optical resonator

In order to keep the influence of acoustic vibrations onto the performance of optical resonators low, a good vibration isolation shall be designed and constructed in this project. State-of-the-art proposals and already existing realizations in literature shall be reviewed. A specific vibration isolation mount shall be designed based on a kinematic pendulum suspension and eddy-current damping.


Aberration analysis of optical components

In this project the student will use a fiber-coupled laser and a CCD camera to sensitively detect aberrations of an optical imaging system by taking in-focus and out-of-focus images and comparing them with simulations from a lens design software.


Discrete quantum simulator

In quantum simulators one uses one quantum mechanical systems (e.g. ultracold atoms) to simulate properties of another system (e.g. a solid). In this project you will study discrete quantum simulators, i.e. quantum systems where a series of unitary transformations is performed to simulate a time evolution. How can one simulate a Dirac equation? Alternatively, you can also study theoretically some of the discrete quantum simulators presently built up by the Meschede group in Bonn.

Meschede, Rosch

Design and Setup of an optical spectrum analyzer

In this project the student will set up an optical spectrum analyzer for the precise measurement of the laser linewidth and determine its performance by comparing the measured width of different laser types.


Dispersion of an optical fiber

In this project the dispersion of various optical fibers will be measured using an amplitude modulated light beam. The results will be compared to numerical calculations of the dispersion relation of the fiber.


Design and Setup of an Optical beam profiler

A computer controlled system for the determination of the beam profile of various laser beams will be developed in this project, either based on a CCD-camera or a moving edge detector.