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Example Curricula

The schemes below give an impression of possible curricula during the Master as well as the PhD phase. Please note that taking part in courses at the partner university is simplified by a number of measures: e.g. adjusted time-tables, broadcasting lectures via video conference, and joined seminars taking place at Bonn and Cologne in turn.


During the first term the student will take compulsory Base Courses (Laboratory Course and Theoretical Physics) and usually one lecture on the favorite subject complemented by an interesting course at the partner university. Doing a Research Internship in a workgroup of the student's choice during the semester break will help finding a potential thesis topic and supervisor.

The second term is characterized by elective and advanced courses within two fields of specialization and may be complemented by e.g. a seminar on a related topic at the other location. Additionally, BCGS offers so-called Intensive Weeks on selected subjects.

The third and the forth term are focussed on research work and the Master thesis. But there are also some advanced lectures scheduled for the beginning of that period. Students may present first results of their research in the scope of the BCGS Poster Session and simultaneously deepen their knowledge in related topics.


example MsCBonn


Example phd

In addition to his research work, a PhD student may take advanced courses and lectures on his favorite topics ad libitum. We expect each PhD student to take at least one course per term except for the last term while writing the thesis.

PhD students are asked to present current results of their research in the scope of the BCGS Poster Session in order to broaden their professional view as well as to support younger students in doing so.