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Research Internships in Particle Physics

This is a list of some of the available topics. If you are interested in a specific topic not on this list, please refer to the homepage of the groups to find out about current research and contact the researchers involved. Note that in the case of experiments, not all experiments may have the capacity for a student at all times, please plan ahead and contact us early. Please note that these internships are aimed at students which are already part of the BCGS; scholarships to support internships for external students are not available.

The Research Internships in Particle Physics are coordinated by Eckhard von Toerne, who should be contacted prior to the internship.

Particle Physics
Project Title Research Group Abstract
Measurement of Fragmentation Functions from COMPASS Data F. Klein link
Online Software for the COMPASS Trigger System F. Klein link
Time Resolution of a Scintillation Counter with Sampled Analog Signals F. Klein link
Application of advanced statistical methods to Higgs searches at the LHC Wermes link
Searches for the Higgs Boson in vector boson fusion events with ATLAS Wermes link
Modern integrated Electronics for Particle Physics Experiments Wermes link
Top quark reconstruction with the ATLAS Detector Wermes link
Reconstruction of Z-Boson decays to tau-lepton pairs as a pre-study to Higgs searches at the LHC Wermes link
Measurements with ATLAS-Pixel detector modules Wermes link
Simulation studies for the Super-LHC Upgrade of the ATLAS Inner Detector Wermes link
Measurement of time resolution and detection efficiency of particle detectors Schmieden link
Monte Carlo simulation of hadronic reactions and particle tracking through detectors Schmieden link
Analysis of current data of the Crystal-Barrel experiment at ELSA Schmieden link
Research Internships at the ELSA accelerator Hillert link
Top quark mass measurement with the ATLAS detector Brock link
Reconstruction of W and Z bosons as backgrounds for top-quark searches with the ATLAS detector Brock link
Search for single top in the Wt-channel with the ATLAS detector Brock link
Secondary vertex tagging in ZEUS Brock link
Determination of trigger efficiencies F. Klein link
Studying different estimators to determine an asymmetry F. Klein link
Analysis of data from a time projection chamber prototype Desch link
"Nuts and bolts" of a time projection chamber Desch link
Measuring Supersymmetry in events with tau-leptons Desch link
Applications of Energy Flow methods for tau-lepton identification at the LHC Desch link
Crystal Barrel experiment at the Electron Stretcher facility (ELSA) Beck, Klein, Schmieden, Thoma link
Analysis of IceCube data Kowalski link
New light sensors for neutrino telescopes Kowalski link
Cosmic ray measurements at the South Pole Kowalski link
Theoretical Physics Topics
Project Title Research Group Abstract
Calculation of Feynman Diagrams in the Standard Model or in Supersymmetry Drees/Dreiner link
Lattice simulations of the phase structure of U(1) gauge theory Meißner link
Extraction of the light quark mass ratios Meißner/Kubis link
Unitarization of scalar field theory Meißner link
Hadronic vacuum polarisation and the muon g-2 Kubis link
Calculation of the Neutralino-Nucleon Scattering Cross Section Drees link
Calculation of the WIMP Relic Density Drees link
Signals for Supersymmetry at the LHC Drees link