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Research Internships in Photonics and Quantum Optics

This is a list of some of the available topics. If you are interested in a specific topic not on this list, please refer to the homepage of the groups to find out about current research and contact the researchers involved. Note that in the case of experiments, not all experiments may have the capacity for a student at all times, please plan ahead and contact us early. Please note that these internships are aimed at students which are already part of the BCGS; scholarships to support internships for external students are not available.

The Research Internships in Photonics and Quantum Optics are coordinated by Frank Vewinger, who should be contacted prior to the Internship.


Quantum Optics and Photonics
Project Title Research Group Abstract
Setup of a diode laser system Meschede / Weitz link
Setup of a Fabry Perot interferometer Meschede / Weitz link
Comparison of spectroscopy methods Meschede / Weitz link
Characterization of a high quality optical resonator Meschede link
Construction of a vibration isolation mount for an optical resonator Meschede link
Aberration analysis of optical components Meschede link
Discrete quantum simulator Meschede, Rosch link
Design and Setup of an optical spectrum analyzer Weitz link
Dispersion of an optical fiber Weitz link
Design and Setup of an Optical beam profiler Weitz link